Engineering Services

Services to help you build high-quality microgrids

The Benefits

As renewable energy microgrid specialists, we provide the knowledge required to integrate renewable energy and energy storage with legacy electrical generation sources. Our expertise comes from our experience in building microgrids in South East Asia and the Pacific.

Targeted Expertise

Lower Cost Than In-house Resources

Flexible & Fast Engagement

Technology Agnostic

Modular Services

We provide the following services to EPCs, developers, financiers and IPPs. Our services are modular. You can pick and choose the modules as required. We assign specialist personnel from our team to deliver high quality and timely solutions.

Need help with designing and building a microgrid?

Get in touch to find out how we can expedite the design and execution process for your microgrid. As we have been through this journey several times, we can help minimise the risks faced by your project. Our engagements are targeted, fast and may be more cost-effective than your internal resources.

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