Hornbill Technology

Remote monitoring and management for microgrids

The Benefits

Remote microgrids that are poorly managed may suffer system reliability and performance sustainability issues. Hornbill technology provides data driven management and control services tailored to suit each customer’s requirements.

Using physical hardware known as Hornbill Base, along with a visualization portal known as Hornbill Portal, we offer 24/7 system monitoring and management along with data analytics to maximise uptime and achieve optimal performance

Ensure High Performance

Minimise Operation & Maintenance Cost

Data at Your Fingertips

Increase Project Bankability

Hornbill Ecosystem

Hornbill Base


Hornbill Portal


Modular Services

  1. 1. Real-time Monitoring
  2. 2. System Management
  3. 3. Advanced Analytics

Hornbill Base

  • Communication over Modbus TCP/IP
  • Standard analog input and digital outputs
  • Illuminated front panel buzzer for local alarms
  • Surge protection for main incoming power and ethernet cable

Hornbill Portal

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Enhanced security
  • Access from anywhere
  • One stop for everything

Modular Services

    1. Monitoring Portal

    One-stop interface for real time updates on energy system status and metrological sensor data

  • Real time data
  • Data warehousing
  • Instantaneous alarms
  • Consolidated reports

    2. System Management

    All-in-one customizable energy system management controller for optimised dispatch strategy

  • Optimised dispatch of generating sources
  • Current limitation and reverse power protection
  • Genset scheduling
  • Intelligent load scheduling to maximise renewable energy usage
  • Smoothing of load curve for assets protection

    3. Advanced Analytics

    Proprietary analytics algorithm for continuous evaluation of health of generation system and load consumption trends

  • Long term trend analysis on system performance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • To be continued...

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