Empowerment Through Electrification

The Canopy Power Impact

We help people improve their lives and businesses enhance their profitability while benefiting the environment.

Energy Access

Energy Access

Reliable electricity supply for remote businesses and communities that traditionally rely on diesel power and weak grid

Fuel Reduction

Fuel Reduction

Substantial cost savings and emissions reduction by replacing hydrocarbon fuel with renewable energy

Sustainable Performance

Sustainable Performance

Robust microgrids which provide optimal performance and longevity at remote locations

Project Bankability

Project Bankability

Assured project bankability for investors through due diligence, design excellence and execution experience

Our Services


One stop shop for energy transition from diesel power and weak grid to reliable, cleaner and cheaper renewable sources

Engineering Services

Expert engineering support for feasibility studies, optimal design and project management to help you build high quality microgrids

Hornbill: Remote Monitoring & Management Technology

On-site data collection, cloud-based portal and data analytics capabilities to enhance system performance and project bankability

Project Financing

Financing through power purchase agreements and lease-to-own options to assist customers to fulfil their energy transition dreams

Sectors Served



Remote Communities



Remote Industries

Customer Stories

Misool Phase I (Indonesia)

Misool is a diving resort and conservation centre located in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Misool was founded on the belief that sustainable tourism could safeguard the future of the surrounding reefs, which are some of the most biodiverse on Earth. Designed and managed by Canopy Power, a PV-Storage Hybrid system was installed and commissioned in March 2018.

PV Size (DC):


Other Sources:

Diesel Generator

Battery Capacity:


Battery Inverter Power:


Renewable Energy Penetration:



Commissioned in March 2018

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Advisors and Investors

We are thankful to the talented group of advisors and investors who have invested in our long-term vision and supported us during every step of this journey towards better environment and enriched lives

Partnerships make a difference

We are always open to talk to potential partners. We believe meaningful partnerships are key to move forward faster.

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